Welcome to, the distinguished matchmaking platform curated by Ahmed International, dedicated to fostering meaningful connections among Pakistani and Indian American Muslims in Victoria, Canada. As the CEO of, I am committed to providing top-notch matchmaking services tailored to the unique needs of Sunni and Shia Muslims, including those from diverse sub-castes such as Barelvi, Deobandi, and more.

Our Mission and Vision

At, our mission is to facilitate successful matches that lead to shaadi, rishta, or nikah, fostering long-lasting relationships built on love, compatibility, and mutual respect. We understand the importance of cultural and religious factors in matchmaking, and we strive to create meaningful connections that result in happy and fulfilling marriages.

Embracing Cultural Diversity embraces cultural diversity and offers support in multiple languages, including Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Memoni. This ensures effective communication and a personalized matchmaking experience for our clients, regardless of their linguistic preferences.

Victoria: A Charming City with Rich Heritage

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is known for its charming landscapes, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. Here are some key facts about the city:

  • Population: Approximately 85,000 residents.
  • Muslim Population: Over 7,000 Muslims, with a growing presence of Pakistani and Indian American Muslims.
  • Major Attractions: Victoria is home to iconic landmarks such as the Royal British Columbia Museum, Butchart Gardens, and the Fairmont Empress Hotel.
  • Cultural Hub: Victoria boasts a diverse arts and cultural scene, with numerous theaters, galleries, and festivals throughout the year.

Catering to All Sub-Castes understands the significance of sub-castes within Sunni and Shia communities. Therefore, we cater to various sub-castes, ensuring that cultural and traditional preferences are respected. Here are some of the sub-castes we serve:

Sunni Sub-Castes

  • Barelvi: Known for their emphasis on Sufism and traditional practices.
  • Deobandi: A reformist movement emphasizing the purity of Islamic teachings.
  • Ahle Hadith: Focuses on the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad and a literal interpretation of Islamic texts.
  • Wahhabi: Advocates for a return to the practices of the first three generations of Islam.

Shia Sub-Castes

  • Twelver: The largest branch, believing in twelve divinely ordained leaders.
  • Ismaili: Followers of the Aga Khan, emphasizing intellectual and spiritual development.
  • Bohra: Known for their business acumen and close-knit community practices.

Caste System in Pakistan and India

Understanding the caste dynamics is crucial for successful matchmaking. Here are some of the top castes we cater to:

Pakistani Castes

  • Rajput: Known for their warrior heritage.
  • Jat: Predominantly agricultural and land-owning communities.
  • Gujjar: Traditionally pastoral, now diverse in professions.
  • Syed: Descendants of Prophet Muhammad, highly respected.

Indian Castes

  • Brahmin: Priestly and scholarly class.
  • Kshatriya: Warriors and rulers.
  • Vaishya: Merchants and traders.
  • Shudra: Traditionally laborers and service providers.

Confidential and Personalized Matchmaking

At, confidentiality and personalized matchmaking are our top priorities. We ensure that your information remains strictly confidential, and our database is not accessible to the public. Our experienced team of matchmakers takes the time to understand your preferences, values, and aspirations, ensuring that we find the perfect rishta or shaadi match for you.

Our Services offers a range of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients:

Personalized Matchmaking

Our dedicated team of matchmakers works tirelessly to understand your preferences and expectations, ensuring that we find the best match for you. We prioritize compatibility, shared values, and mutual respect in every match we make.

Services for Widows and Divorcees

We understand the unique challenges faced by widows and divorcees. Our compassionate approach ensures that we provide support and guidance to individuals seeking companionship and a new beginning.

Second Marriage Services

For individuals looking for a second marriage, offers discreet and respectful matchmaking services, ensuring that all parties involved are comfortable and agreeable.

Matchmaking for Virgin Girls

We also cater to families looking for suitable matches for their daughters. Our services prioritize compatibility and cultural values, ensuring that families find the perfect match for their virgin girls.


Aisha & Kareem

“ helped us find each other at a time when we had almost given up hope. Their personalized approach and attention to detail made all the difference. We are grateful to for bringing us together in a bond of love and understanding.”

Fatima & Ahmed

“After my divorce, I wasn’t sure if I would ever find love again. proved me wrong. Their team understood my needs and preferences and introduced me to my soulmate. Today, I am happily married, thanks to”

Sara & Ali

“Finding a match for our daughter was a daunting task until we discovered Their professionalism and dedication to finding the perfect match for her were truly commendable. Our daughter is now happily settled, and we owe it all to”

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Conclusion is committed to helping Pakistani and Indian American Muslims in Victoria find their perfect match. Whether you are seeking a shaadi, rishta, or nikah, our confidential and personalized matchmaking services are here to support you every step of the way. Join today and embark on a journey to find your soulmate.

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